About Us

Founded in 2000 by North Dakota business, government and education leaders, TechND (formerly the Information Technology Council of North Dakota) has continues to advocate for a positive business climate for technology companies, address workforce needs, encourage infrastructure development and provide knowledge sharing opportunities for its membership, which consists of more than 65 North Dakota business, government and education entities.

Vision: Build a stronger North Dakota through technology excellence.

Mission: To promote the use, growth and development of technology in North Dakota.


Promotion and Communication

Enhance North Dakota's information technology industry identity and serve as the voice of the North Dakota information technology community.

Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Provide forums for sharing educational, business and technical experiences among North Dakota's information technology community.

Talent Development

Actively assist in the development of a world-class information technology education system in North Dakota, create interest in information technology careers in North Dakota, and support development and training of a world-class information technology workforce.

Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Advocate a climate of information technology entrepreneurial opportunity, commerce activity and industry growth.

Advocacy and Lobbying

Represent North Dakota information technology interests in public policy matters and legislative affairs.

Infrastructure Development

Work for affordable access to state-of-the-art voice, video and data service for all North Dakotans.


  • Recognized as a leading advocate for information technology in North Dakota
  • Successfully lobbied or the passage of new policy approaches in procurement, workforce development, technology education, entrepreneurial and capital formation, internet governance, electronic and computer information transpactions, and taxation
  • Promoted IT business development and career opportunites through industry publications and career awareness efforts
  • Supported IT industry groth by working with North Dakota economic development professionals and government leaders
  • Provided education and networking opportunities for IT professionals through conferences, luncheons, webinars and other online and face-to-face events